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- Jul 28, 2017 -

Services > Quick Response

At Oyo Bags and Luggage, good service is one of our greatest advantages. 

We respond to inquiries at the earliest and we are always available at your service for queries. 

Our short lead-time and on time shipment makes us reliable amongst our valued customers.

If there is anything we can do for you,please kindly contact us by below emails:

  1. sales01@oyo-tech.com (Yarin Feng)

  2. sales02@oyo-tech.com (Dennis Yang)

  3. sales03@oyo-tech.com (Alice Wang)

  4. sales04@oyo-tech.com (Kasumi Zeng)

  5. sales05@oyo-tech.com (Raul)

  6. sales06@oyo-tech.com (Yoyo Yin)

  7. sales08@oyo-tech.com (Olivia Li)

  8. sales10@oyo-tech.com (Priyanka)

  9. sales11@oyo-tech.com (Water Ye)

We will reply to you with breakneck speed once you have sent us an email.


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