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Gothic Gothique Bag
- Aug 09, 2016 -

1, cortex: Gothic materials mainly for the crocodile, Python, ostrich, lizard skins and other rare noble cortex.

2, meaning: the Gothic GOTHIQUE Logo idea come from traditional European architecture of Medieval Gothic style roof design elements, represent an inheritance and interface, the flowing symbol of craftsman needle movement. Online interwoven with needles, embodies a Gothic quality stronger heart, expressing Gothic respect for traditional handmade leather goods skills and relentless pursuit.

3, positioning: as every person, every piece of rare skin is unique. GOTHIQUE (Gothic) was promoted by: Fusion France Champs-fashion weather Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa under the Center. Let you synchronize with the world trend, and caught every second of romance. GOTHIQUE moved to the most beautiful creation of nature each person who strives for perfection, and he hoped that every man who falls in love with this leather is loving life.

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